• Purchase Mandates

  • Sale Mandates

  • Private Placements

  • Valuations

  • Global or national companies in their external growth and/or divestment strategy

  • Private independent companies in their total or partial sale strategy

  • Joint-ventures

  • Divestments of non-strategic activities

  • Capital restructurings

  • Sale/purchase of assets

  • Spin-offs 

  • MBO

  • MBI

  • LBO

  • Build-up 

  • Secondary Buy-out

  • Public to private (PtoP)

  • Growth Capital

 We  advise international and national Private Equity companies:

1-In their investments, looking for the best opportunities in the most appropriate industry in order to optimize creation of value for the shareholders

 2- In their divestments in competitive but restricted and very confidential processes

We  also advise and support private independent companies looking for a capital increase or a change in their shareholder structure.​

In today’s insurance and banking  environment, change is accelerating. We’re ready to work with organizations and regulators across the industry to improve performance, meet financial and operational targets and navigate compliance issues.

  • Strategic Audit and Business Plan Valuation

  • Guidance in corporate development

  • Strategic alliances

  • Know-how transfer and licensing agreements

  • International expansion

  • Outsourcing contracts